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Department of Psychology Library


An outline of the classification schemes used in the Psychology Library

Classification schemes of the Main Library and MacCurdy Library

Main Library

A: History of Psychology
B: Biography
C: Physiological
C.1 General physiological psychology and neurophysiology
C.2 Texts: anatomy, physiology, genetics
C.4 Senses, general
C.5 Hearing
C.6 Vision
C.8 Neuropsychology
C.9 Neural connectionism
C.10 Psychopharmacology
C.11 Motivation and emotion
C.13 Motor and action
D. Comparative Psychology
D.1 General and theoretical
D.2 Invertebrates
D.3 Birds
D.4 Mammals (including primates)
E. Experimental and General
E.1 General
E.2 General and introductory texts
E.3 Gestalt psychology
E.4 Perception (including time)
E.5 Reading
E.6 Human learning, memory, skill, vigilance
E.7 Human motivation and emotion
E.8 Animal behaviour, learning and motivation
E.9 Language and thinking, decision making
E.10 Temperament and personality
E.11 Technique
F. Mathematical Psychology
F.1 Mathematical psychology
F.2 Artificial intelligence
F.3 Computer program manuals
G. Research Design, Experimental Design, Mathematical Techniques
H. Developmental Psychology
H.1 General
H.2 Child development
H.3 Intellectual processes
H.4 Learning difficulties
H.5 Disorders of development, guidance
H.6 Educational psychology
I. Social Psychology
I.1 General texts
I.2 Social anthropology
I.3 Sociology
I.4 Attitude and opinion studies
I.5 Propaganda, morale, leadership
I.6 Human relations, group studies, families
I.7 Applied social psychology
I.8 Crime
J. Abnormal Psychology
J.1 General
J.2 Psychiatry and psychotherapy
J.3 Psychopathology
J.4 Psychoanalysis derivatives
J.5 Jungian psychology
J.6 Learning disorders
J.7 Psychological counselling, tests, etc.
J.8 Sleep, hypnosis, dreams
J.9 Blindness, deafness
K. Individual differences and mental tests
K.1 General: intelligence and differential measurement
K.2 Factor analysis
K.3 Intelligence tests, psychometrics
K.4 Genius
K.5 Sex
K.6 Scholastic tests and examinations
K.7 Graphology
L. Industrial and Applied Psychology
L.1 General
L.2 Time and motion study, fatigue
L.3 Military and service psychology
L.4 Personnel: selection and guidance
L.5 Ageing
M. Aesthetics
M.1 General
M.2 Music
M.3 Literature
N. Philosophical Psychology
O. Religious Psychology
P. Psychology in Economics and Politics
Q. Environmental Psychology
R. Bibliographies, Reports of Congress
S. Collected Papers
T. General Reference, Study and Research Skills
U. Miscellaneous
V. Russian
W. Popular Science
X. Sex


MacCurdy Library

0.4: Works of J. T. MacCurdy
0.6: History
0.8: Textbooks of psychiatry and psychopathology
12: Miscellaneous psychiatry and psychopathology
14: Clinical psychology
16: Schizophrenia
20: Affective disorders
24: Health psychology
28: Psychological therapies
32: Psychoanalysis
36: Works of Freud
40: Works of Jung
44: Experimental and theoretical psychopathology
48: Child development
52: Education
56: Learning disorders
59: Little Club Clinics in Developmental Medicine
60: Child psychiatry (except Psychoanalysis)
64: Delinquency
65: Addictive behaviour
66: Ageing
68: Nervous system (normal and related disciplines)
72: Disorders of the nervous system
73: Aphasia
74: Hypnosis
76: Personality
80: Sex
84: Social
88: Tests
90: Philosophical
92: War
96: Miscellaneous
98: Congresses
100: Theses

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