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Department of Psychology Library

Items listed with the tag "scan available" can only be accessed (the PDF) via Moodle "Online Reading List" link. Visit your Moodle course page and access the online reading list thought this link, as scanned items are available to course students only, complying with CLA.

PBS Tripos Part IA

PBS 1: Introduction to Psychology (2020-21)

PBS 2: Psychological Enquiry and Methods (2020-21)


PBS Tripos Part IB

PBS 3: Social and Developmental Psychology (2020-21) 

PBS 4: Cognitive Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology - (2020-21) 


PBS Tripos Part II

PBS 5: Research Dissertation  Moodle only

PBS 6: Developmental Psychopathology 2020-21 Moodle

PBS 7 Advance topics in social and applied psychology (2020-21) 

PBS 8 The Family (2020-21) 

PBS 9 (NST II) (2020-21) 

PBS 10  (NST II) (2020-21) 


Natural Sciences (NST)

NST II Psychology 2020-21

NST IB - 2020-21

NST II PNB 2020-21


The Psychology Library carries multiple copies of in-demand titles.

If you need Moodle access, send an email to  and inform the paper you are taking. 




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