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Department of Psychology Library


How to print

From your own device

  • Connect to the University network.
  • You may need to install DS-Print software first (below)
  • You pay for printing using credits from either a Local Balance from your College or a Common Balance. 

DOWNLOAD DS-Print for  Windows desktops and laptops (See more How to install)

After Download DS-Print

  • Open the download
  • Then select 'More info' then 'Run anyway'
  • Select 'Yes' at the prompt to open DS-Print utility
  • At the prompt enter your CRSid and UIS password
  • The DS-Print utility is now running. Select Psychology printer and/or any other you may need. 


DOWNLOAD DS-Print for macOS desktops and laptops (See video How to Install

->Printer-Driver for MacOS X 10.8, version 1810a (Psychol Department)

->Printer-Driver for MacOS X 10.9-10.14, version 1810a (Psychol Department)

-> Installing the PaperCut client is highly recommended.

After Download DS-Print

  • From "System Preferences" choose "Print & Scan". If required click the locked padlock and authenticate.
  • Click + to add a printer.
  • Click on the 'Advanced' icon. Set the Type drop down to "Windows printer via spoolerss". Tip - If the Advanced tab is not shown in the toolbar then right click in the toolbar, choose "Customise Toolbar" then drag the Advanced icon into the toolbar.
  • Set the URL to smb://
  • Set Name field identical to the print queue name (Psychol_FindMe), don't use any spaces.
  • Location: Department of Psychology
  • Select Software: from the "Print Using" drop down. Choose the correct driver from the list (Sharp MX-3070v) and Click Add. Tip - Using the search box makes it easier to find a specific driver from the long list.




  If you need further information, please access the IT Help and Support website




Subscribe to applications and access them from the convenience of your own device*. Example: Matlab, Microsoft Office 2016, Visual Studio Pro, Wolfram Mathematica and others.

*Base charge for the use of the DS-Remote service. Required to provide access to applications.


Find software

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Institutional software Find software for institutional use